Cost of licences

It?s necessary to buy a Annual Basic Licence for being allowed to use InterCorte Service.

This Licence will expire when:

  • One year later from the activation date, although you may have not consumed your available limit of cut orders per licence.
  • You consume all your available cut orders.

Licence annual cost

Cut licence

Service Price (a)
Use of the Plane Cut Optimizer
Data file of the quartering to operate with cut machines and other utilities (b) Included

Order's capacity in History (c)

Service Price (a)
BASIC Licence - orders +
PROFESSIONAL Licence - orders +
PLUS Licence - orders +


(b) If you want to have a file with the quartering to connect directly to your cut machine (through RS232), contact us so we will automaticaly attach the file in each order sending. If we don't have the communication protocol of your machine, we will ask you for information to develop it for free.

(c) If your History fills up of orders until the capacity limit hired don't worry because you will be able keep requesting cut orders without any restriction of functionality. The only limitation is that orders won't keep be saved at History until you delete obsolete orders or buy extra capacity.