What is interCorte ?

interCorte is the first Internet Service of Cut Maps generation for rectangular pieces optimized for the best using of surface, directed towards companies which activities implies cut optimization of rectangular surfaces.

Especially recommended for wood, glass, aluminium sectors.

What is a Cut Map?

A Cut Map is a graphic where we can see the optimal localization and distribution of the pieces for the best surface using.

On the right we can see an example of a Cut Map which performance is 97,05%


Measures (in mm) 3660x1830
To Cut 3654x1824
Mesh No
Cut Parameters
Deburr 3 mm
Saw width 1 mm


1 1370x410


4 670x390


8 770x230


10 530x340



How interCorte works ?

Through this Website and being a Registered User, you will be able to request Cut Orders to our interCorte processing engine.

Steps involved in a cut order request:

User requests a new Cut Order from the Website

interCorte processing engine sends to the User an email confirming reception of a Cut request

Cut Order is processed and Cut Maps are calculed and generated

interCorte processing engine sends to the User an email with a file in PDF format with the Cut Maps + Data File of the quartering for using it with cut machines and others

What information supplies the user when requesting a Cut Order ?

To request a Cut Order is necessary the following information:

  • Your Order reference and description
  • Available cut surfaces
    • Measures
    • Deburr
    • Mesh orientation (along, widthways, or without mesh)
  • Cut parameters
    • Saw width
  • Set of different pieces to cut
    • Quantity
    • Measures
    • Mesh orientation (along, widthways, or without mesh)
Order form

Press the image to enlarge.

In order to achieve a better optimization of the user available surfaces we may input up to two different surface measures. For each of the two surfaces we'll be able to specify the deburr and the orientation mesh (if needed).

We will specify the saw wide as a cut parameter.

Finally we will input the number of different pieces sets to cut, and for each of them we will specify the pieces number, measures, and mesh orientation.

What information does the user of InterCorte get?

Immediately after the user has sent the Form data for a new Cut Order request, the interCorte engines will start the data processing for this Order. Some minutes later, the user will receive the following information at his email address (that which is on his registering form):

  • A file in PDF format wich contains the calculations results OPTIMIZED for MINIMUM SURFACE
  • A file in PDF format that contains the calculations results OPTIMIZED for a MINIMUM MAPS NUMBER only in case that we would obtain for those maps a GLOBAL PERFORMANCE greater than 95 %
  • Data File of the quartering for using it with cut machines and other

The PDF files contains the following information:

  • General Order Information
    • Order Number, Date, reference, description, …
    • Cut type, mesh on (Yes or Not)
    • Cut parameters
    • TOTALS:
      • Pieces quantity and cut surfaces
      • Maps Number
      • Global performance obtained
  • Information of Surfaces and Pieces Sets given by the use
  • Quantity and Performance for each of the obtained Cut Map
  • For each of the Cut Map
    • Distribution pieces graphi
    • Surface dat
    • Cut parameter
    • Map number, Map repetitions, Performance and Average performanc
    • Pieces list of the Map telling each piece quantity and considering repetitions number of the Map


Example of a PDF file Press the image to open the document

How can I use interCorte?

If you want to see how to request an order you can see the page How to order.

In order to be allowed to use interCorte you have to be a Registered User. Please, follow the instructions at How to register